nostalgia feature and readings

nostalgia feature and readings

In case you missed it, my research was featured in a recent Nostalgia video! Thought I would share it again below…

If you want to learn more, come to my book talk with photos at BookPeople in Moscow, 7:00 pm, Thursday, March 8.

Nostalgia Presents: ‘Chuck King’s Guide to Spokane History’
Episode 4: ‘Selling Sex in the Silver Valley’

On Episode 4 of the King’s Guide, Chuck King introduces you to Dr. Heather Branstetter, author of the fascinating book, ‘Selling Sex in the Silver Valley: A Business Doing Pleasure.’ What does it mean when a community agrees that ‘you don’t have to obey the laws, but you do have to follow the rules?’

Heather’s book gives readers an idea of who the women of Wallace, Idaho were and what they contributed to their community’s identity and fortune during a century of mining, hard drinking, illegal gambling, and yes, prostitution. Read her article on her book, published in Nostalgia Magazineonline here.

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