reading at the wallace brewery—7:00 pm on jan 13, 2016

A week from today, I’ll be reading an excerpt from my work on the history of sex work in the Silver Valley! Please come join us at the Wallace Brewery (610 Bank St., Wallace, Idaho) on Wednesday, January 13, beginning at 7:00 pm.

Wallace Brothel Signs

I’m actually the opening act for the Idaho-raised author, Keith Lee Morris, who will be reading from his recently released novel, Travelers Rest, a surreal and time-bending story set in a fictionalized version of the town of Wallace. I just started reading it last night and I’m already hooked by his observations about the characters and chilled by his description of Wallace as a snowbound bermuda triangle.

Travelers Rest Cover Art

For anyone who hasn’t yet read Morris’s work, I highly recommend you also check out his earlier novel, The Dart League King, which is set in a fictionalized version of Sandpoint, Idaho.

This reading is going to enable a lot of opportunity for us to talk and hang out (and I think play darts and pool) afterward. PLUS, the Wallace Brewery has excellent beer at very reasonable prices (personally, I love their Vindicator IPA and Huckleberry Shandy).

Also of interest to readers of this blog, the theme of the Brewery is distinctly brothel-oriented, including lots of the old Playboy-style calendars Dolores Arnold used to give away as party favors. I’ll have copies of my DVD for sale (more on this in a couple of days!) and Morris should have copies of his books for sale that I’m sure he would be happy to sign. So if you’re local-ish, come down, enjoy a drink, and chat with us about Wallace portrayed in both fiction and nonfiction!


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  1. joan covi Avatar
    joan covi

    Hi: Thanks for sending me this e-mail, I actually almost deleated it, not recognizing who it was from. You may remember me as the lady from California who went to school there in Wallace. I was there with another lady from Hayden for the All Class Reunion. I knew you said you were going to stay there and now I can see that you did.

    I am always interested in articles and things about the area so please continue to send them on to me.

    My very best to you and I hope the night goes well.

    Joann Covi (Morgan) from Murray

    1. Hi Joann, of course I remember you and Mary Ann! I hope you are doing well. 🙂

  2. Gary D Logan Avatar
    Gary D Logan


    If you read my book Chauncey, (and liked it) I wouldn’t mind it you mentioned it during your talk at the Wallace Brewery tonight.

    Gary Logan

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